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    Scholarships are extremely important to the college funding process, as they are a source of money that is awarded to the student. Unlike student loans, these funds represent dollars that do not require repayment. In dedication to our mission, the CCAC will assist students in exploring all possible options. Our advisors research local, state, and federal scholarships from a broad variety of scholarship resources.  We seek out unique opportunities based upon each student's eligibility. We take into consideration criteria such as: academic performance, financial need, and major concentration. We also look for scholarships that base awards on the unusual. Writing contests, fun competitions, and talent based contests provide creativity in college funding.

    You may visit this site for a monthly list of scholarships and their respective deadlines. You may also schedule an appointment with any of our advisors to research options as well as discuss individual concerns.

     Monthly Scholarship Listings: January and February 2022

  • The College & Career Access Center also works closely with the Jackson Community Foundation. JCF is a valuable resource for information on local scholarships.