Freshman Year

  • High School Freshman Year College Preparation Checklist

    Freshman year can be viewed as an opportunity to create the foundation for a student's high school career. In terms of college preparation, the following considerations should be addressed during a student's Freshman year:


    • Consider extracurricular activities that fit your class schedule. Getting involved in clubs and teams creates a well-rounded student.
    • Meet with a guidance counselor to discuss plans for high school and the future.
    • Select the right mix of classes. Along with core requirements, consider college-prep and tech-prep courses.


    • Focus on grades! Grades will impact GPA and class rank. While college seems far off, high school does count toward college admission and scholarships.
    • Explore interest and possible careers. Discuss these interests with your guidance counselor. Also, take advantage of Career Day opportunities.
    • Consider a college savings plan.


    • Learn about college and make summer count.
    • Begin building credentials. Keep track of academic and extracurricular awards.
    • Begin researching and learning about colleges. Visit libraries and the Internet to find useful college information.
    • Visit a college campus if you have the opportunity.
    • Summer is a perfect opportunity to volunteer, seek employment, or sign up for an enrichment program.