Job Corps

  • Job Corps

    Job Corps is a free education and training program that assists young people in developing career skills, earning their high school diploma or GED, and obtaining employment. Since its inception in 1964, under the Economic Opportunity Act, Job Corps has served more than 1.9 million young people. This organization serves approximately 60,000 youths annually at Job Corps centers throughout the country.

    Job Corps offers career and technical training in over a hundred programs. Some of the areas of study include:

    • Auto Repair
    • Dental Assistance
    • Carpentry
    • Culinary Arts
    • Nursing Assistance
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Security
    • Welding


    In order to be eligible for Job Corps, individuals must meet the following criteria:

    • Age 16 - 24
    • Legal U.S. residence; lawfully admitted permanent resident alien, refugee, asylee, or parolee, or other immigrant who has been authorized by the U.S. attorney general to work in the United States
    • Meets low-income guidelines
    • Demonstrate need of additional technical training, education, counseling, or related assistance to complete schoolwork or to obtain employment 
    • Possesses a signed consent from a parent or guardian (if he/she is a minor)
    • Has a child care plan if he or she is the parent of a dependent child
    • Does not exhibit behavioral problems
    • Does not require any face-to-face court or institutional supervision
    • Does not use drugs illegally

     Job Corps Benefits

    Training and Education: Students can choose from over 100 career programs to receive hands-on training in their chosen field.

    Career Assistance: This is established primarily through assistance in finding a job in a high-growth industry. Job Corps also assists with housing, transportation and child care. Eligible students may receive these benefits up to 21 months after graduation. For the first six months after graduation, a career transition staff member will also counsel the student while he or she adjusts to a new career.

    Living Arrangement: Living arrangements are dormitory style and are divided by male and female. There is no cost for this benefit and students actually receive a bi-weekly stipend for additional living expenses.

    Transportation: Job Corps covers the expense of transportation for the initial trip to the center and home, as well as home returns during winter and summer breaks.

    Other Benefits include:

    • Health and dental care
    • Clothing allowance
    • Free driver's education
    • English proficiency courses
    • Ability, in some cases, to earn college credits that are transferable upon graduation