The Jackson County School Justice Partnership

  • Regular attendance is critical in the development and learning of all students. Research shows students with chronic absenteeism have lower grades and are more likely to drop out than students with better attendance. Truancy is not only detrimental to student success, but is also detrimental to our community as truancy is one of the most powerful predictors of delinquent and criminal activity.

    The mission of the Jackson County School Justice Partnership is to address this challenge and eliminate the School to Prison Pipeline in Jackson County by addressing school absenteeism, truancy, suspensions and expulsions. Our goals are to increase K-12 School attendance and decrease suspensions, expulsions and truancy.

    The information on this website is intended to offer awareness, details and strategies in support of the work of the School Justice Partnership, and improve access to education through improved attendance in Jackson County. 

    Join our efforts! Click here to view (and take!) the 2015-16 Future Forward Challenge
    During the 2014-15 school year, there were 4,752 students throughout Jackson County who were considered chronically absent, or who missed at least 10% of school. Research shows that recognizing and appreciating good and improved attendance can reduce chronic absence. Through the link above, you'll find the Future Forward Challenge card (PDF) that is available for your school to distribute to students and families. This card highlights the importance of regular attendance, the risks of truancy, and at the bottom allows schools the opportunity to use the card as an incentive program.