• JCISD Statement of Purpose

    The Jackson County Intermediate School District is committed to the success of all students. The JCISD provides educational leadership, services, programs, and resources in partnership with local schools and the community


    The Jackson County Intermediate School District is an educational service agency chartered by the State of Michigan to work in collaboration with local public school districts and charter schools. Our mission is focused on improving student success in Jackson County, and we do that by improving the quality of education in Jackson County, making it more cost-efficient, and helping students, parents, educators and community members get the most out of public education.

    The JCISD employs some of the best, brightest, and most-dedicated educators and professionals in the county. While we aim to fulfill the needs of the districts we serve, at times, we're also counted on to be educational leaders in the community through our programs, services and personnel. This service and leadership role provides us with a diverse, yet well-defined mission.

    Three of the most visible programs operated by the JCISD are the Jackson Area Career Center (career and technical education), the Lyle A. Torrant and Kit Young Center Centers (special education), and our Educators' Support initiatives, which includes curriculum, data and assessment support, professional learning, and our regional school improvement facilitators network.

    In addition to our educational services, we also offer cost-effective administrative services to our districts, including business services, human resource and staffing support, and our 22-district technology consortium. These high-quality and affordable services have a significant impact on educators and the community, and are important in helping our school districts accomplish their mission within their own communities.

    And so much more!

    Jackson County educators also look to the JCISD as a leader and a facilitator in professional learning, school improvement teams, and as a liaison for the Michigan Department of Education. The Jackson County ISD is among 57 local ISDs created by the state to assist local school districts in the delivery of education to their communities based on the needs of local districts.

    We hope you'll take the time to learn more about the services and value offered to the Jackson Community through the JCISD. If you would like additional information, contact Kim Medlock, JCISD Communications/Marketing Consultant, at 517-768-5216.



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