JCISD Data and Assessment Services

  • We at JCISD believe that a balanced assessment system is extremely important when looking at the success of students.  No one assessment or assessment type should be used as the entire measurement for student growth and proficiency.  In addition, the assessments are useless unless clear and effective processes are in place for utilizing the data.  Hence, we have created workshops, tools and resources that revolve around successful practices for data and assessment. In an effort to communicate with teachers administrators and other local users of student assessment data, and provide such support mentioned before, use the column on the left to connect to projects and resources.   

    Provide service and support to local districts in quality assessment practices in implementation, development, compilation & analysis to support student achievement.  

    Through providing professional learning and consultant support by maintaining continuous legislative awareness and communication and assessment best practices. 

    Core Beliefs

    1. Every Teacher should be a master of Assessment that drives instruction.
    2. Principals should know how to guide and what to look for in best assessment practices.
    3. Students have a right to have clear learning targets and the opportunity to track their own growth.
    4. Systems should have a deep understanding and ability to analyze multiple points of data to high effect and support the capacity of staff to develop deep assessment literacy.
    5. Technology systems should support ease and functionality of assessment delivery and tracking student achievement growth.

    Contact Information:
    Jennifer Fox
    School Improvement & Data Consultant
    517-768-5212 (office)