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    What is the JCEC?

    The Jackson County Early College (JCEC) program represents a significant addition to our education system here in Jackson County.  This new option for high school students creates a pathway to begin their college degree as early as ninth grade, and earn up to an associate degree (60 credits) by the end of an additional year (year 13).

    Enrollment is open to ALL public schools! Visit the Application Process page, or email info@jxncec.orgStudents need to decide by September 15 of their junior year if they want to participate.

    Benefits to Students

    The JCEC program helps students find their way into post-secondary education working towards a certification, credential, skill set, or associate degree.

    • Earn credentials, certifications or even a degree through the addition of one year to your high school plan
    • College credits accumulate sooner
    • Six career pathway options and hundreds of major courses to choose from
    • Partnerships with area colleges guarantee transferability of credits to four-year universities.
    • No cost to earn college credits.
    • Universal Entry/Universal Exit model: students can begin their college education as early as their freshman year, and stay all the way through year 13 to a 60 credit maximum.

    This shift moves from a traditional K-12 approach to a much more robust K-14 pathway that will be tailored for every child to find their way from the classroom to a career.