• Our Belief in Racial Justice and Dismantling Systemic Racism  
    Floyd Statement
    We find the following resources provide a wealth of valuable information and insight on diversity, equity and inclusion:
    The CCAC Team: Individual Equity Statements
     Nancy Nancy Peters-Lewis, Executive Director

    What does diversity, equity and inclusion mean to the CCAC?  We believe that there are three different components that work together to broaden our thinking about DEI:  the individual, the organization, and the system.  It starts with the individual team members, is then represented through the organization, and spreads to the system as a whole.  It means learning, implementing, executing, and sustaining action items that foster inclusion and engagement.  It is about recognizing one another, being intentional about having a valued voice, and having genuine, honest conversations around how we treat one another.  DEI means leading with love through:

    • Representation of human beings from different perspectives.  Background, thinking and influences will help to impact our mission and map out where we need to go. 
    • Understanding that there is a hierarchy of human value that has been created through unjust laws and systemic oppression, and that to break down these barriers, we must create environments that address these systems head on.
    • Having a valued voice.  We must uplift individual stories, lived experiences, and share our values and beliefs. 

    Diversity and inclusion at its best builds innovation, breeds creativity, and offers a sense of community.  It cannot just be a statement, but rather a living, breathing, growing charge to represent, understand, and create a space for all voices for the individual, the CCAC as an organization, and the system as a whole. 

    Brian Brian Green, College & Career Advisor/Office Community Initiatives Coordinator

    The College & Career Access Center builds equity, diversity, and inclusion into the framework of all that we do. From the structure of our advising team to our partnerships and collaborations within the community, we are intentional and committed in our purpose to promote equity and inclusion in every model of service we provide. We recognize the importance of celebrating diversity of race, religion, ethnicity, gender orientation and all choices that represent an individual’s unique and personal life experiences. We firmly believe the strongest communities are built upon relationships that draw insight, talent and creativity from every single member. It is the richness of diversity and culture each of us brings to the table that enlightens and broadens the perspectives of all who share in our common experiences.

    Travis Travis Miller, College & Career Advisor

    MaryMary Rodriguez, College & Career Advisor/Office Community Initiatives Coordinator

    Equity is an under-represented meaning that needs to be addressed not only state-wide but worldwide. Equity is seeing a person’s intersectionality and addressing their needs where they are at. Equity is helping the underdog more than the one who has things easy. Equity is the belief that things are not created equal and in order to get to equality we need to address all disparities to close that gap. 

    I believe that despite race, gender, culture, or sexuality, everyone should be treated not only with respect but with equality and equity in our hearts. We at the CCAC will not let systemic flaws interrupt the success of our community, nor will we let it tell our students what success they can achieve. The CCAC will represent the underrepresented, empower the ones with no voice, and help cut an equitable path for each of our students. We will triumph over the disparities between race, gender, culture, and sexuality. We will meet people where they are and assist them with their journey on obtaining a post-secondary education, or a sustainable credential. We are the CCAC, and we will help our county prosper.

    MeganMegan Pitts, College & Career Advisor

    As an advisor at the CCAC, I will advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of my interactions with our community, students, and my team. I understand that our diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds along with our different races, ethnicities, and genders allow us to have unique experiences that bring new and innovative perspectives and ideas to every interaction. I firmly believe that every person deserves equitable resources and opportunities that will allow them to be successful and prosperous. Additionally, I will strive to promote inclusivity to ensure that every person feels comfortable, valued, and empowered. I will actively continue to learn how I can improve my advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion so that I can provide the best support for the Jackson community, students, and my team.

    TevinTevin Mojume, College & Career Advisor

    I dedicate myself to serving the greater Jackson County community with no strings attached. I will acknowledge and appreciate each individual’s intrinsic value and worth no matter the race, gender, class, or sexuality of the individual. Treating people with equality is important, but treating people with equity is just as, if not, more important. I believe that every individual should have equal opportunity and access to the resources necessary for success. It is our duty to walk alongside and support those who may not have support. It is our duty to create safe spaces for those who do not have a safe space. And it is our duty to take a stand against the injustice that we see in the world today. Together, we can take the necessary steps in order to ensure a brighter future for all of Jackson County residents.