School Safety

  • Providing a safe environment for students to learn and staff to work is at the top of the list for educators and community partners across Jackson County. Leaders from the Jackson County ISD, local school districts, law enforcement and other agencies have formed a "Threat Assessment and Safety Committee" to help steer schools in the right direction when addressing threats.

    After examining data and best practices, researching, studying the law, and consulting experts, the Jackson County Full Threat Assessment System was created. Below are several tools to support a school's process of assessing any and all school threats. 

Jackson County Threat Assessment System

Training Options

    • 2-hour Jackson County Threat Assessment System Training (For Principals, Counselors, School Liaisons, and other staff identified for the Threat Assessment Team)
    • 1-hour Introduction, Why & Mindset
    • 3-hour Jackson County Threat Assessment System Collaborative Revisions & Improvement Session
      • June 17, 2022 from 1:00 - 4:00
    • 3-hour Full System Assessment Training & Team Planning
      • August 2022, Date & Time TBD