• REMC-15 at the JCISD
    Regional Educational Media Center

    REMC-15 is one of the Jackson County ISD's "collaborative" arms that deliver cost-effective, consolidated services to help local districts save money. The purpose of REMC is to provide materials, equipment and services as requested by local school districts. At the JCISD, these services include:
    Educators (only): Buy your software, equipment and supplies through the REMC educational discount at substantial savings. REMC 15 Catalog
    Let our feet do the walking for you! Our delivery trucks make weekly pick-up and deliveries to school districts (Mondays) as well as colleges and public institutions (Thursdays) in and around Jackson County.
    From high-quality posters from your prints, negatives or digital images, to Ellison Machines with plenty of dies for classroom bulletin boards and activities, to laminating machines and more!