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Jackson County Instructional Task Force Reflective Responsive Instruction RRI Initiative

Know Better Do Better Be Better Everyday Tagline

Why, What, & How

A simplified way to learn about this initiative is to think about it through the lens of why, what, how...

The WHY is easy... Jackson County students deserve the best possible instruction to increase their access and opportunities to achieve. And, when you try to focus on everything, you accomplish nothing -- so we are hyper-focused on instruction, we will double down and stay the course... instruction, instruction, instruction!

The WHAT is collectively through an intentional and flexible framework: 

  • Teachers will increase their “strategy toolbox” with research-based, high-quality strategies.
  • Teachers will make intentional decisions on instructional strategies deployed for their students, in their context, and be able to reflect, articulate the why, and adapt. (In short, teachers will explore and explain why that instructional strategy).
  • Instructional Leaders will engage in conversations that will enhance student instruction in the classroom through the strategies provided by the teachers.

And, the HOW is more specific and customized for each district, school, and educator/leader but is still supported by the framework. Districts will have a variety of intentional, high-quality instruction-specific professional learning provided through the initiative and Superintendents decide what teachers and what expectations for those participating teachers make sense.

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Jackson County Instructional Task Force Steering Committee:

In fall of 2023 we will be looking for additional educators, leaders, experts and more to help iterate and evolve this initiative through an Adaptive Work Group. For more information, please reach out to anyone on the Task Force Steering Committee.