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Whole Child

Areas of Focus

The work we do is grounded in the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) framework. The Jackson County ISD Whole Child team provides tools, resources, coaching, consulting, and support to our local schools and community partners around the 10 components of whole child, including, but not limited to:

More information: JCISD Whole Child Website

Examples of Whole Child support in our school and community:

  • Helping to foster partnerships between schools and community providers

  • Providing professional learning opportunities to teachers, administrators and other school staff

  • Supporting a school or organization in improving their systems to identify needs of students and provide appropriate interventions and support

  • Coaching a school administrator or building team around improving school climate and culture

  • Obtaining voice and perspective of key stakeholders like teachers, students, and parents

  • Leading the Whole Child Collaborative, a cross sector space where schools, community organizations, healthcare providers, social services, etc., come together to address, and take action on needs in our schools and community

  • Collecting and utilizing meaningful data to drive decision making and change in schools

Contact Information

Janelle Buchler
Whole Child Consultant

Kim Brown
Attendance, Truancy & Special Populations Coordinator

Eric Swihart
Whole Child & Regional Health Coordinator

Frances Adams
General Education Social Worker



MarKeese Boyd
Whole Child Coordinator

Julie Page
Whole Child Coordinator

Courtney Vincent
General Education Social Worker

Becci Clark