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PowerSchool Parent Portal


To create your account, you will need the Access ID and Access Password given to you by your district. If you have multiple students in the district, you may want to wait until you have the Access ID and Access Password for all of them so that you can add them all to your account, at the same time, when you set the account up.

Follow these instructions for creating your account:

1. Go to the PowerSchool website. This should be listed in the letter you received from your student’s school.

2. Click on the Create Account button.

3. Fill in all the blanks in the Parent/Guardian Account window.

4. In the Link Students to Account window, enter your student's Name, Access ID and Password and select your relationship to the student.

5. Repeat step 4 for any other students enrolled in our district (must have their Access ID and password).

6. Click Enter and you're finished!

To add an additional Student to Your Account (after it has already been created):

1. Log into the PowerSchool Parent/Guardian portal.

2. Click on the Account Preferences.

3. On the left, select Students.

4. In the right-hand portion of the screen, select Add.

5. From the letter provided to you by your student’s school, enter the Access ID and Password, fill in the Student’s name and select an option under Relationship.6.  Submit the page. You have just added a student. To add additional students, repeat steps.

 Download Instructions(PDF)