• Preschool Providers / Great Start Collaborative

    Great Start The Jackson County Intermediate School District provides professional development for preschool providers -- owners, teachers, assistants, etc. -- and partners with the Jackson County Great Start Collaborative to help ensure that every child is better ready to start school when they enter kindergarten. The JCISD and the Great Start initiative recognizes that education begins at birth, not when a child first enters school.

    Great Start-Jackson provides a collaborative that encourages all “early childhood” stakeholders in the county to develop specific, coordinated strategies to reach out to parents of children ages 0-8. There are over 30 collaborative partners in the Great Start-Jackson initiative, and these schools and agencies provide information and services to families and young children in a wide range of areas including:

    * Physical Health
    * Social-Emotional Health
    * Family Supports
    * Basic Needs, Economic Stability, and Safety
    * Parenting Education
    * Early Education and Child Care


    Visit the Jackson County Great Start Collaborative website or connect to the Great Start Collaborative Blog.