Jackson County Intermediate School District

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  • Countywide Special Education Millage Renewal
    May 2, 2017

    The Need for Services is Wide-Reaching

    Jackson County ISD has implemented research-based intervention, curriculum, and transition programs since the 2012 vote. These programs are working. Still, nearly 18 percent of students in Jackson County – 1 in every 6 – receive some form of special education services. Voters must determine whether to continue this funding through May 2023.

    The Jackson County ISD is one of only a few educational service agencies in Michigan able to reimburse local districts for a significant portion of their special education costs, while also providing the quality care and services needed to support every child.

    What are these Services that the Jackson County ISD Provides?

    By concentrating the wide range of special education services under the umbrella of the Jackson County ISD, county taxpayers have saved millions of dollars in providing state- and federally mandated services to students.

    The current county plan, which can be continued through the May 2 election, allows the ISD to provide local districts with over 170 professional staff. Collectively, these staff members perform and provide ancillary or support services to more than 4,000 students in the county’s public and parochial schools.

    These services include:

    • Occupational Therapy Service
    • Physical Therapy Services
    • Speech Pathology and Audiology Service
    • Transportation
    • Social Work Services
    • Teacher and Classroom Aides
    • Teacher Consultant Services
    • Regulatory Oversight and Records Management
    • Early Childhood Intervention
    • Specialized Classrooms and Programming

    What Does this Proposal Mean to my Local School District?

    The millage renewal enables the Jackson County ISD to continue reimbursing to local districts for a portion of their mandated special education expenses. In 2016-17, these reimbursements to local districts totaled:

    Total Countywide Impact by the numbers graphic

    Should the millage not pass, these totals also serve as estimated figures that each local district would need to provide for special education services, many of which are state- and federally mandated.

    Remember to Vote on May 2!