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Thousands of students get first-hand look at Career Center programs

What goes into fingerprinting a criminal? How do you take a person’s blood pressure? How does the auto shop get rid of the dent on your driver’s side door?

All of those scenarios played out at the Jackson Area Career Center this week, as more than 3,400 8th and 10th graders from around Jackson County visited the facility. The tours are designed to give the students an idea of what awaits them as an elective when they become juniors and seniors. Current students become the instructors, showing these potential future students what kinds of hands-on learning opportunities take place in the nearly two dozen programs offered at JACC.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm around the building this week,” said Dr. Mark Pogliano, Principal of the Jackson Area Career Center. “Not only among our instructors, but the students who visit. They’re realizing there are a lot of awesome opportunities here as they start planning their high school schedule.”

The tours are a follow-up to high schools visits JACC staff made back in November and December. During those visits, the students watched a promotional video that highlighted all of the programs they can sign up for. They then picked three or five programs that sparked their interest, which they got a first-hand look at this week.

Prospective students can sign up to attend the Career Center when they are finalizing their junior and senior schedules. Enrollment begins as early as this month, during JACC’s Career Night Open House on Thursday, February 21 from 4pm – 7pm. The event is a chance for these students to get more exposure to the programs they’re interested in and show their parents what they like about them.

The Career Night Open House is also an opportunity for local businesses and the Jackson community as a whole to see how the Career Center is helping guide students on their career pathways and preparing the future workforce. Come see for yourself on Thursday, February 21 – stop by anytime between 4pm and 7pm!


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