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Students with disabilities will benefit from basketball tournament proceeds

Jackson, Mich. -- They may have not played in this summer’s basketball tournament in downtown Jackson, but the students at the Lyle Torrant Center can be included in the list of winners from that competition.

Organizers of the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, along with several members of the community, presented a check for more than $2,500 to the school Friday afternoon. Proceeds raised from the tournament are given back to the community and this year, the Torrant Center was selected as the non-profit of choice.

Several students, teachers and members of the community were on hand for the check presentation Friday afternoon. Lyle Torrant Center Principal Amy Rogers says the money will help ensure her students with disabilities can take part in a variety of activities.

“We’ll be able to create and supply some adaptive equipment so they can do some really cool things in our gym and at the Michigan Victory Games," said Principal Rogers. "We want our kids to be as happy and healthy as can be - that’s part of our mission, to achieve your best - so this new equipment will do just that. We are so thankful for these amazing people in the community that made this happen.”

gus macker torrant center donation

Pictured from left to right:
Kyle Liechty with Gus Macker #JacksonMI, Torrant Center Principal Amy Rogers, Jackson County ISD Superintendent Kevin Oxley, Kelli Hoover with the City of Jackson Parks and Recreation Department, Jessica Webb with Gus Macker #JacksonMI, Casey Hanson with Experience Jackson, Melissa Stroede with County National Bank, Sarah Ermatinger with CP Federal Credit Union, along with several students and the Torrant Tigers mascot.

Gus macker torrant donation

gus macker torrant donation

gus macker torrant donation

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