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JCISD Central Campus Project Timeline

JCISD Central Campus, a new facility that will centralize some of the programming for special education students across Jackson County, is starting to take shape.  This concept began more than two years ago as part of the district’s goal to meet the current and future facility needs of countywide special education programming.

Below you will find a timeline of the process, as well as an update on the site plan from Jackson County ISD Superintendent Kevin Oxley. 

JCISD Central Campus Project Timeline

November 2019: Administration begins process for new special education facility

  • Evaluation of options
    • Purchase & renovate Amy Firth
    • Purchase & renovate EJ Memorial
    • Purchase & renovate Frost
    • Build new facility/expansion on North Campus
  • Hire architect/contractor to help evaluate all options and advise what renovations are possible vs potential new construction

Early 2020: Focusing on Frost for purchase and renovation

  • Architect/Engineers do thorough assessment of property/facility 
  • Develop rough cost estimates of renovations vs new construction
  • JCISD admin meets with JPS to discuss specifics of Frost sale

Spring 2020 - Summer 2020: Frost Renovation plan starts to take shape

  • JCISD admin provides updates on project at March BOE meeting 
  • Develop Master plan for how JCISD could use facility
  • Detailed structural analysis done and cost to repair estimated

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021: Board greenlights Frost plan, official work begins

  • Admin provides updates on project at September 2020 BOE meeting 
  • Board votes in favor of purchasing Frost at November 2020 BOE 
  • Work with architect and engineering team begins to finalize detailed plans
  • Specific details discussed and agreements reached with the City of Jackson, Jackson County, and State of Michigan

Summer 2021: JCISD takes ownership of Frost

  • Blueprints and plans submitted to the state for approval (BCC and BFS)
  • JPS sells Frost to JCISD and begins process to vacate building 
  • JPS turns over “key” to Frost 

Fall 2021: Grant awarded, work begins

  • JCISD awarded $10M from state to assist with project
  • Construction work is bid per state requirements and awarded to winning bidders
  • Work officially begins inside building in early December

December 2021: Neighbors raise concern about trees

  • Admin contacted about tree removal for parking, bus lane
  • Neighbor brings concern to December BOE meeting
  • Board asks admin to investigate possibility of alternatives

Early 2022: JCISD investigates potential alternatives

  • Admin reevaluates possible site plan alternatives
  • Admin will present information to BOE at February meeting
  • New target to begin site work in early spring instead of March 1
  • Admin to hold an information meeting on March 1, 2022 at 6pm at the Jackson Area Career Center


Jackson County Superintendent Kevin Oxley provides update on site plan progress (1/13/22):

We are currently in the process of reexamining options for a site plan.  This involves revisiting work done with the state’s Bureau of Construction Codes, the City of Jackson, and our civil engineer and architect’s work concerning drain issues, student safety, and building access for fire and delivery trucks.  We are also exploring the feasibility of working with Jackson County Government on the use of some of their land, while also honoring commitments to Jackson Public Schools for their transportation needs at Cascades Elementary.  Challenges like these are not uncommon when developing projects of this magnitude, and we are doing our best to navigate all of these critical issues.

At the end of the day, this project will provide high quality, equitable facilities for our most challenged students for the foreseeable future, without creating an additional tax burden on a community that has always been generous in their support of our students with special needs.    

Developing the former Frost school into the new JCISD Central Campus will create efficiency in special education programming by relocating many classrooms now spread around the county to one central location, creating more wrap-around services for our students.  By doing this, a significant taxpayer investment made in Frost just ten years ago, when all new windows and ADA compliant restrooms were installed, will be saved.  Also, this project increases the current JPS bond issue by at least $1 million, which is the estimated amount that would have been spent on demolition of the building.  That money will now be spent on new construction and other facility improvements for JPS students.  In addition to these benefits, this project is being partially funded by a $10 million Michigan Enhancement Grant.  This is federal money that was going to be spent somewhere, but is now coming to Jackson and will be used to boost our economy and provide an affordable solution to our facilities challenges.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our students with special needs.  

Jackson County ISD Superintendent Kevin Oxley

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