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JCISD Central Campus update on construction, oak grove

April 19, 2022

Central Campus Construction Update

March 23, 2022

Jackson, Mich. -- Construction is underway at JCISD Central Campus! 

Superintendent Kevin Oxley, Director of Special Education and Assistant Superintendent Maureen Keene, and Director of Finance and Operations Roger Auwers recently walked through the building to give a behind the scenes look at all the construction going on at the former Frost Elementary school. They also talked about how the school will be broken up into five "student neighborhoods" based on need and programming for special education students.

Click the link below to watch the video: 

JCISD Central Campus Walking Tour video

Oak Grove Update

On March 15, 2022, the Jackson County ISD Board of Education voted unanimously (5-0) to move forward with the alternative site plan in regards to the oak grove between Central Campus and the new Cascades Elementary school. This alternative plan called for the removal of two mature oak trees, as a compromise to the original plan that called for the removal of eight mature oak trees.

The motion to move forward with the new plan was amended to include hiring a certified forestor/arborist to advise on the removal of the two trees, guide the site plan for the preservation of the remainder of the grove, and to assist in understanding how to replant in order to enhance biodiversity and environmental health.

Since the March 15 meeting, a certified arborist has been hired by the Jackson County ISD. He has analyzed the entire oak grove and provided a written plan, which is linked below.

DOCUMENT: Oak Grove Protection Plan

The arborist was on site when the trees were removed, and will be on site to consult during excavation. The arborist will continue to work with our civil engineer on the development of the engineered site plan to make sure the remaining grove is protected as stormwater drainage is figured into this plan. He will also work with the civil engineer to create a proposed landscaping plan for the entire Central Campus site.

Interested citizens will be engaged to provide input on the landscaping plan before it is finalized. The Jackson County ISD will publicize meeting details in the coming weeks. JCISD administration will also work with a woodworker so portions of the trees that were cut down can be recycled to provide a future purpose.