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Career Center student named Finalist from National Cyber Scholarship Foundation

June 3, 2022

Jackson, Mich. – Karson Durocher, a senior from Western High School and Jackson Area Career Center Networking & Cybersecurity student, has been named a Finalist by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation (NCSF) for his performance in a challenging online cybersecurity training program. In recognition of his achievement, Durocher earned an invitation to participate in the Cyber Foundations Academy – a multi-week online program based on the nationally-recognized SANS Foundations training course and certification – valued at more than $3,000. 

In April, twenty students from the Career Center’s Networking & Cybersecurity program participated in CyberStart America, an immersive cybersecurity training game for high school students that has more than 200 fun-to-play challenges that require them to solve real-world cybersecurity problems. Students who scored highly in the CyberStart America training program were invited to apply for a scholarship award offered by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation (NCSF). More than 45,000 students across the nation competed, with 4,127 having the 20,000 needed points to make it to NCS Semifinalist status. In Michigan, 760 students competed, and 64 made it to the NCS Semifinalist stage - including Karson Durocher. 

"I am proud of the initiative that Karson took in the competition. While every student was allowed time in class to work on the competition, Karson went above and beyond,” said Josh Goodrich, Networking & Cybersecurity instructor at the Career Center. “Karson took the time and effort to make sure that he was scoring the most points in the class, but leading many people in the state and the nation. The skills that he was practicing and building in the competition will serve him well into the future."

“The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation recognizes high school students who have demonstrated exceptional cybersecurity prowess and who wish to pursue a career in a growing field in critical need of their talent,” noted David Brown, executive director, National Cyber Scholarship Foundation. “The NCSF mission is to identify and develop the next generation of cyber professionals. Each and every student who participated in this competition has the potential to develop their skills and build a successful career in cybersecurity.”

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Kaci Babineau
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