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START - Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources

Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources

Training Modules    

Orientation & Foundations of ASD    
Looking at ASD Differently and Using Universal Supports

Educational Strategies for Students with ASD

        - Accommodation Modification Hierarchy
        - Accommodation Matrix       
 -  Example Units of Differentiated Output            
 - Introductory Pages For All Books            
- Differentiated Output Hierarchy Description               
-  HD 2.4a Differentiated Output Herarchy - 3rd Grade Example              
HD 2.4b Differentiated Output Hierarchy - 6th Grade Example            
  - HD 2.4c Differentiated Output Hierarchy - 11th Grade Example 

Peer to Peer Support

        - Peer to Peer Manual 
        - Peer to Peer Example Brochures
              - Kid K'Nex Brochure
              - MES Brochure 
       - Peer to Peer Support - Elementary Level 
       - Peer to Peer Checklist - Middle & High School

  Social Skills Groups
       Center for Autism Spectrum Enrichment (C.A.S.E.) Opportunity and Application   
     - C.A.S.E. at Spring Arbor University